About Us

In 2012, Reynelda Hayes – a highly experienced, respected and certified flagging trainer created All About Flagging with the intent of providing the very best in traffic control services throughout the state of Oregon. Reynelda Hayes began flagging in 2000 on the first light rail project on the interstate.

Today, as a DBE, WBE, MDBE owned and OSCHA 10 certified company, All About Flagging employs TCS certified flagging professionals and 20 flaggers that provide essential safety services on roadways across both suburban areas to more densely populated urban streets of Portland to Medford and surrounding cities. We are DBE certified in Washington as #8926 Washington #24429.

Working with prominent contractors such as Raimore, Carter & Company, and Wildish, K & E Excavating. All About Flagging has earned the reputation as a true leader within the industry. Standing by our work and commitment to excellence, we look forward to always offering the very best in flagging services across Oregon for years to come.